Humanoids of Machines (2020)

An ongoing portrait and interview series with 1950s comic book characters. The figures are explorations of the ubiquity and absurdity of online identities on social media platforms. Appearances and dialogues have been transformed by machine learning applications that transcend filters and question their existential nature.

Doctor Mustache (2020)

An art-for-charity project, Doctor Machina places fake mustaches on a series of comics to raise money for cancer research and mental health awareness. All donations collected went directly to the Movember Foundation charity.

Scissorwalk (2019)

A full-length graphic novel satirizing post-World War II American values while drawing parallels to modern threats of unregulated AI technologies. Chet, an oafish and rogue international operative, prevails in applying his absurd logic to a series of a police and military conflicts. The graphic novel was completed while working as a resident artist at Alma College (Alma, Michigan) and incorporated into the New Media Studies program. Scissorwalk is one of the first graphic novels to be created with artificial intelligence applications.

Mocvarni Stripovi #1 – Stari Moj (2019)

One of the outcomes of a year-long artist residency with “Udruzenje za Razvoj Kulture” in Zagreb, Croatia. After a series of comic book workshops, a collection of the work was compiled to produce the first zine of the iconic “Klub Mocvara.”

POP-AI (2018)

A series of animated shorts altering the classic cartoon character “Popeye” with machine learning programs. The transformation of Popeye from hero to villain infuses a sense of uneasiness characteristic of the uncanny valley. The videos were selected for exhibition at the Mahalla Festival in Malta.

Plan B (2018)

A one-page story published in the independent comic magazine “Murmel” based out of Vienna, Austria.

Single Cell (2018)

A book of single-panel comics combining hand alternation and machine processing. The collection draws from dadaism, surrealism, and pop art to highlight the aspects of randomness, world-building, and appropriation found in the combining of art and artificial intelligence.