Dr. Machina is a part-human/part-machine digital artist. The work is strongly satirical, combining dark humor and absurdity, in the building of a fragmented science fiction universe.

In the absence of a traditional narrative structure, such as in Single Cell (2018), Dr. Machina utilizes a decontextualized single-panel format – similar to those found in the Pop Art movement as well as political cartoons. Scissorwalk (2019) builds on these concepts, applying additional deepfake technologies, to weave a full-length graphic novel.

Source material is typically obscure vintage comics and text, which have undergone hand alteration and machine processing to achieve a distinct style.

The humor and parodic elements are intended to explore: concepts of appropriation in contemporary technoculture, juxtapositions of time/culture, and the future of art in the age of artificial intelligence.