“Strongly recommended to fans of surrealism, Single Cell is one of the strangest comics we have had the pleasure to review…

…Comic books are typically sequential in their story-telling. But Single Cell is entirely non-sequential. There is no perceptible pattern to the sequence of the panels other than each panel contains old comic book art and dialogue. The dialogue is random and amusing…

…Doctor Machina’s contemporary adoption of the Dadaist ethos is not a scissored photomontage: [the] cutting tool is instead an artificial intelligence with an imperfect data set.”

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World Comic Book Review

“Doctor Machina appears like an oracle processed by the goddess of artificial intelligence hunting in the fields of American comic-history. Dark creatures, superheroes, distinguished gentlemen and mysterious women produce absurd dialogues in single panel esthetics fabricating an enjoyable sense of strangeness….

…Throughout Single Cell, we see an experiment of deconstructing the illusion of intellectual control without losing the dream of visual thinking expressed by an artwork.

…Doctor Machina offers a stunning body of visual esthetics and conceptual framework in a playful way. The references to the esthetics and ideals of the 1950s are corresponding with American Pop Art, but the work is more pleading for the exploration of a new digital reality. “

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“Dr. Machina is both provocative and inspirational. Taken in single doses or binged in a marathon setting, these panels from the strange recesses of comic book history have been re-enchanted with a mix of digital processing and wit. Bizarre locations, D-list characters, and genre scenes transform into snapshots of a surreal pop culture universe. This is the stuff of superhero dreams. Some pages will draw an immediate laugh. Others will linger long in the imagination. Together the collection invites us to consider the unconscious life under all the masks and costumes of popular entertainment. Irreverent yet oddly humane in its treatment of long-forgotten heroes, Dr. Machina is a unique resource for both comic book fans and creators.”

Anthony Collamati PhD

-Professor of New Media Studies

“Think Salvador Dali meets Keith Haring. Add in a very vintage 1950’s style and you really have something unique to behold….

….Some will make you laugh out loud while others will leave you scratching your head and pondering their meaning even days after reading…

….Dr. Machina creates worlds with multiple throwbacks to the aesthetics and ideals of the 1950’s while staying true to contemporary world scenarios. There are unique characters along with witty, satirical dialogue that seems as random as it is painstakingly crafted.”

Andrea Perno

-Author of Remotely Unplugged

“In the grand tradition of MST3K and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Single Cell showcases the absurdity of outdated imagery by pairing it with new words. A few of the reworked panels made me literally laugh out loud, much in the same way some of the classic Batman comics do. But the Batman of old is unintentionally awkward or even lewd. Meanwhile, the humor in Single Cell is very deliberate.

…Be sure to take the time to carefully review the selected panels from old comic books in relation to the title, new wording, and tags provided by the author. They range from obvious humor to a deeper, complex gags, which means there’s plenty on display here for anyone who enjoys reworked humor in the vein of the previously mentioned MST3K and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.”

Amazon Reviewer

March 4, 2018

“In the crazy world of fantasy, I met Doctor Machina…[the] art has been described as a modern form of Dada…it’s inspired art.”


-Science Fiction and Fantasy Entertainment

“…rich illustrations, along with the layers of innuendo. Past and present collide and you either linger on the page to meditate or return to whatever project you’re working on with a sense of possibility and determined resolve to solve the crisis at hand. Rich Steroids!”

Goodreads Reviewer

March 21, 2018

“The cartoon style comes from the 1950’s and conjure up traditional roles…However, the bright colouring effect of the pictures is out of place in the 1950’s which is the readers first hint that things are not what they appear to be.

Doctor Machina then juxtaposes these images with modern ideas, speech, and actions. The result is entertaining, thought provoking, and highly comic. I loved…‘Onion Rings’ and ‘Viagra’ which tickled me for a number of days!

I found the surrealistic nature of the comic book quite philosophical too, whereas at first glance it’s a funny comic book, there is a hidden subtext in the picture/comment combinations which I found very interesting.

I recommend this comic book to people who enjoy comic writing, appreciate the darker side of life, who have the ability to think outside the box, and look at life in new ways.

Amazon (UK) Reviewer

March 9, 2018